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To earn its keep in my garden, a plant must be distinctive at ten paces, and one plant that never lets me down is Kirengeshoma palmata…
For fragrance, form, and abundance of blooms, it’s hard to find a better group of high-summer beauties.
Early spring is the ideal time to prepare your perennials to stay on their feet and look good all season long.
Climbers can play many roles in knitting together the border throughout the summer.
Soil is the foundation upon which a garden is built. Healthy soil is an immensely complex living system, teeming with billions…
Making More Perennials:A Guide to Simple Division
Tips and techniques for getting your tropical plants through the winter.
A gardener at Wave Hill shares his tactics for readying the garden for summer.
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How to predict frost in your garden and what you can do to delay its arrival.
Out of the thousands of plants introduced in the last 40 years, a handful still belong in your garden.
Gardening is not, in general, overburdened by foolproof flowers, but amaryllises are as close as you’ll come to foregone conclusions.
There is no official measurement or definition for miniature narcissi. The American Daffodil Society has a list of official miniatures, but… flower garden articles
Each perennial has its own pace and method of increase.
Two techniques to help keep your garden in bloom and fresh foliage throughout the growing season…
Plant Daffodils to Create a Meadow Effect

With vibrant flowers and striking foliage, the best of these familiar, end-of-season stars belong in every border.
Gardening Tips & Gardening Articles flower garden articles White Flower Farm
Gardening Tips & Gardening Articles flower garden articles White Flower Farm
Every garden has a dry, shady spot where it looks as though nothing will survive. But looks can be deceiving…
The work is simple and short, the benefits to your orchids are great.
The essays here have been created for us by friends who are experts and whose judgment we value. They are in PDF format.
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